Ghost – Writer

I have lived here longer than anyone of you. You all know nothing about this house. It gets colder even before the sun sets on early fall evenings. The Winters are long and dry. I know it all too well, because my lips are always chapped and my skin is scarily dry. I look pale like a ghost if I don’t take care of myself enough.

Gray clouds and leafless trees surround this house. There are hardly any birds chirping in this area. All you hear is the quiet loneliness of the changing seasons. But I belong here. I was the first one here. Technically, the Bailey’s got here first. But they all are long gone. I am the only one who has stayed and kept this house alive and working. It is my happy place. Quiet as I like it to be and loud when I need. You do not belong here, so leave, now. Before it gets ugly. Don’t you dare look at me like that, I have eaten men double your size. But not anymore. You don’t interest me at all.

The younger of the two men who step inside, smiles looking at the open room concept of the cabin. It is spacious, cozy and sturdy, he can tell by just looking at the one big room.

“So, do you like the place or what? You need to decide quickly it is an even longer drive back for me.” The older one talks fast hoping to complete the transaction before it has even started.

“I love it.” The younger guy turns to touch the painting that looks quite new for an old cabin admiring the splash of colors in an otherwise very gray decor.

“It was recently renovated. The owners don’t come by anymore. So I take care of everything. You will find all the information in this binder. From emergency contact numbers to plumbing of the house, it is all in here.” Opening the console drawer, the older man hands over the leather binder to the young man.

“This is great. And just so we are clear, you will return in 60 days and not before that to restock. The place is stocked with supplies for that duration?”

“Yes, though I am only an hour drive away. Call me in case you need any kind of help which I doubt you will. This cabin was newly renovated, as I mentioned earlier. Just try not to burn down the place. The last tenant left it filthy and he almost burned down the place as well. Thank goodness I was driving by and stopped to check on him. He even left the place unlocked. You know we have bears around this area.” The older guy tries to curve his lips into a crooked smile to look polite, but it only makes him look creepy.

“I am not going anywhere. I am here to write the ending of my book. And nothing else. My agent will be coming over to meet me next month, so I need peace and quiet to focus. I don’t think I will be calling you before the 60 days.” The young get man has a polite smile which he shows generously all the time.

The sound of winds pauses their conversation and the open wind sends a chill into the room. The older man smiles back embarrassed by the weak window latches of the dating windows.

“Let it be. I like the cold.” Gesturing the older man to leave the window open. “So, there is no else here other than me, right?” the younger guy places his carry bag on the desk and starts to empty its contents one by one. The laptop, chargers, journals, books, pens and pencils, headphones and lotion. Deep moisturizing body lotion.

“yes, why do you ask?”

“No reason. Just checking.”

“that is one big ass bottle of lotion.” The older man speaks again, clearly interested in the contents of the bag.

“I have a very dry and sensitive skin.” The younger guy walks towards the older guy, politely showing him to the main door, next to the colorful painting. In an almost uncomfortable smile he speaks again, “I will see you in 60 days then, thank you very much.”

the younger guy who now we will call, Daniel locks the door and sits down on the couch. Admiring the sunset and rubbing lotion on his hands from the very big bottle of lotion, he smiles at the reflection of the woman who has lived her longer than anyone else.

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