Don’t let me go

I may have not arrived yet

But I have found myself.

I can see the many years circling my eyes

I know it is all in the past

But you are still here, with me.

I can feel my aching bones screaming for a break

But I still have so many dreams.

I know destiny will play another game

When I am ready to cross over

But I promise I will always be here.

I will be the morning breeze that wakes you

I will be the note you play on the guitar

I will be the loudest laugh when you joke

I will be the quiet listener to all your stories

I will be the hug that eases your pain.

I will be the tear that you won’t let out.

I will be right by

resting my head on your shoulder

Nudging you to keep going.

Pleading you to take me along.

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