“The Road”

This one, is not yet taken

A captivating beauty, I can tell.

Dusty, narrow and unpaved,

Shaded with tall picturesque trees.

Unfinished stone walls protecting its existence.

Steep and laborious, yet inviting.

Hues of blue clouds blanket the mountains far ahead.

Colorful weeds brightening its cracked existence.

Untouched by remote silences.

Waiting to be decorated with memories

It has been here too long,

For I can feel the familiarity in its brokenness.

Abrupt and intriguing…

I lurk on the edges

For my fear is stronger than self-belief

Compromise is a strength to be proud of

Only now it holds me back.

I wait patiently

To walk under its broken shade

Only when the time is right…

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