“Happy Reading”

I recently finished reading, Writers and Lovers by Lily King and so decided to write about the same. And here it is!

I am an emotional reader. I believe that a book chooses you and not the other way around. Well, that is just me.

And so, when I came across Writers and Lovers by Lily King, I was certain it was going to be an interesting read. Definitely quite different from anything I have read before, since my favorite genre is Historical Fiction. Also, this one being my first ever by Lily King, I read it without any bias or expectation. Just a simple one, that I liked the title.

The title was intriguing to me. I am a writer at heart who writes personalized fiction. It was almost like the book was calling me to delve into the world of words and love. And in the process I realized a few aspects of my own writings that were unknown before. Some even made me proud of my writing style which is quite an achievement.

Additionally, the book has some great reviews so you definitely cannot miss it.

And lastly, I was in the mood for a light book but with depth. And that is what the author does. Her style is witty and simple that pulls you into emotional depths. You feel the pain of the protagonist from the very beginning. Her heartfelt journey of acceptance and fighting for what she wants from her life. Her tired but resilient soul. You are rooting for her all the way. Even when she makes some quite juvenile decisions.

The author very smoothly weaves the impact of sexism and patriarchy on our society into the story. And which is clearly relatable to readers irrespective of which part of the world we belong to. I loved how she unapologetically calls out the entitled attitude in men and perpetual self-doubting attitude in women. Simply, because this is how we are raised.

The book moved on with twists and turns that kept me interested in Cassey’s story. Around page number 250, I was so involved that I wished the book was a little longer. And that the story would never end. But all stories end somewhere and this one did too, beautifully. Leaving me interested in other books by the author.

I have a special love for books that make you question the culture and traditions that have outlived their existence. The change comes through discussions and conversations at the dinner tables, school cafeterias and simply when we dare to use our voice. And therefore, I applaud authors like Lily King who do so with their stories.

I give the book 5 stars. Tucked away on my bookshelf with scribbled notes, highlighted dialogues and secret messages for future readers to appreciate and learn from. My daughters! Stories I want them to read one day.

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