Good Evening, my love!

I wink, making you nervous.

The day has ended, you have endured enough.

We are us now.

Tell me all that I missed.

What made you angry?

Who disappointed you?

Why your mind aches for a pause?

Let yourself be, it is just me.

Let me hear all that you never said

Wearing patience like an armor

I promise I will listen tonight.

And won’t kiss you until you are done.

Scream if you want.

For I know your anger rarely gets a chance

Cross my heart I will sit still

And let you talk.

So tell me all about your day!

Say it, sweetheart,

The setbacks you are still thinking of

I might be short of a solution

But I promise I will listen

Let’s talk about all that you achieved

The success stories you tell no one.

But save for me

For I promise tonight I won’t stay quiet

I will dance and cheer for you.

Because my love

It is you I seek.

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