Not yet!

I still feel butterflies in my stomach

Random rain dances and long drives still make sense

There are songs still waiting to be sung

Long miles yearning to be explored.

The forbidden pleads awaiting their stage-time.

The uphill road is tiring, undoubtedly

But it isn’t yet time to turn away.

For I am still in the wait for that day

when the journey will become a story

Losses will be accepted gracefully.

Scars and tears will be applauded

The view from the top is what I await.

So you go ahead

Today you get to leave me behind

Resent me or even hurt me

But only a little.  

I am a survivor.

I shed anger with autumn leaves

Enduring the icy winters my roots only get stronger

For I have dreams hidden under my pillows waiting to see the light

Until then,

I Breathe…in and out.

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