“Not Today”

Today I have no story, no poem to share.

Today I will not concoct a story out of my mundane life

Today feels wrong to lie

Today I want to show my real self, the lost one.

Today feels all wrong

There is something missing, but I cannot point it out

It will be wrong of me to say it out loud, for I should behave my age

Today I will not tell a story

Today feels unfair

I am scared to confess my hopelessness

I am tired of my own boundaries

I feel my head throbbing

Pleading me to throw out those thoughts

It is me who has kidnapped myself

In a circle of restricted mindset and endless worries

I keep myself locked in the world I grew up in

The one that does not exist

Today I do not have a story or a poem

Today I only have a confession

Today I am sad

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