You ask, “Why the fuss?”

Well, I can tell you why? But honestly, do you have the patience to hear me?

You ask HOW a black and white picture will change anything in this world?

I have some insight on that, if you are interested?

I have lived in the world that was made FOR you, for centuries now

Created for your convenience

Not for me to thrive in.

It is a world made by you, right?

You are MAN the Hunter,

Wonder where I got lost in this MANMade world

I have been living in your shadows

The black and white life of resilience

And you have trouble with a Black and White picture?

The word feminism makes you cringe

Needy and crying for what?

Afterall you have acknowledged, ‘We are equals’

And the world is changing, then why the fuss, you ask.

Well, because we still live in a world where we save for a ‘Son’s Education’

and a ‘Daughter’s lavish wedding’.

You say I talk too much

Whereas I have been silently doing my bit unnoticed in the background.

And now my feet ache from walking at your pace

I need to walk faster and farther.

So keep up for it is a long road ahead.

What are you scared of?

We debate over everything, rights, words, jobs, salaries, kids

Even when history supports me, you dismiss it as a mistake.

Buried surrounded by weaponry and wealth, has to be a MAN, women are no warriors

A woman must have fallen in a Man’s grave, for sure.

Yearning for my love and nurturing nature;

No boy, I am not your mother, sister, daughter or a wife

I am another living being who has contributed silently in the evolution you very proudly term as Manmade


You still don’t get it?

Why I have to scream, because you have never heard me speak before

So my voice of reason is an annoyance to you

I am more than your comforting caregiver.

You can think of me as whoever you want

But my identity will no longer be given by you

It is not you who will get to define me

I will define me

I am finally embracing my own shadow

So why black and white pictures, you ask

It is simple, You just see a picture

Whereas I see centuries of hard work and resilience paying off

Because it is us together with many more that make this world, livable & kind

You alone were nothing then and I alone am nothing now.

You ask why so loud?

Well, you mistook my patience as my weakness, so now I need to make you listen

You get scared of one remark, one campaign, one voice

You take it as an insult when I say NO

But I have just begun, dear friend.

I need you to accept that I am not stopping anytime soon

My voice has to reach far far away

My knowledge has to make the world better

And that I am done with the back seat & insults

The only shadow I will embrace is my own.

And I am working on myself too, don’t worry

I am raising you to be a gentleman,

A man who is kind so he can be a part of the


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