There is a theme to my life,

I can’t decide what it is, but I am sure there is one.

There always is if you really try to look deeply, I think.

But under this umbrella theme I hide many genres

So instead of incidences, I call them genres that I have experienced.

Till now, there has been, comedy, horror, dark, suspenseful,

Romantic, emotional drama

And lastly, cringey.

Last one I created by myself, as it fits.

There have been many scarring moments that I have clubbed together

For an easier understanding.

But today I will skip them altogether.

For I understand now that we live in a world, where ‘ignorance’ is considered a smart move

Only the entitled ones know how to carry out the act,

For it requires certain skills and upbringing, it isn’t easy to follow.

I have tried it myself a few times but have always failed.

For I have a voice and I intend to use it.

I have heard it a million times…

‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’

Yet it never resonates with me.

Everything that almost killed me also left me with permanent scars

They are raw, pink and painful especially when touched.

But I understand that me talking about it makes ‘you’ sad

So ok, I won’t say out loud, but know when I shut down suddenly

It is not because I chose ‘ignorance’ but because you touched one of those jagged and lumpy scars.

And now I need to quietly soothe them, all by myself.

There is something bigger and more meaningful that I am supposed to do

I am sure there is more.

So, I am going to wait for that bell to ring to guide me towards my purpose.

Until then, I will let the healing take its time to achieve what it has to.

But you don’t get too attached to my stagnancy, for I have learnt my lesson.

I now maintain an arm distance just so this time the scars you leave behind

Don’t stay fresh for too long.

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