“Rain Dance”

The soft raindrops fall making music

The ones that makes us dance

And I wonder “how did we get here?”

Was this always going to be this way?

No, today I won’t question but only dance

Rain might stop soon!

Though, I do have a thought that never leaves me

Was it you, who manifested us?

Or was it my longing for your presence, that you are finally here?

I smile to remind myself, who cares?

Let us keep dancing, and never stop!

Even if the rain stops!

Do you remember the last time we were together?

Under the dreadful dark night sky

Trying to hold ourselves together, for that night broke us in a way we never imagined.  

Knowing that this is it.

It will now come to end

But only for the world……

Because we started a new journey

I have read in books, it is called “coming of age story or a self-discovery journey”

The one that you and I will share one day over a cup of tea, since we are not done yet.

I now feel like sitting down,

For my feet hurt from dancing bare feet

So, I shut my eyes

Letting the musical raindrops fall on my face

Because I know I won’t be stopping anytime soon

Tonight, is special!

I found the one I had been looking for everywhere

In almost everyone

The one who rescues me from life

The one who will validate my existence

For I was lost without that ‘one’

I am no longer waiting for that “knight” in a shining armor

I have been wearing it all along, under the shameful guise of a worrier

Just had to shed a few layers

Tonight, I dance with myself

I might have dragged my bare feet to get here

I may have shut many doors walking away

But I have also opened them on the first ‘knock’

I have lost time and age, but I have found resilience

The years gone by have stories written in tears, blood and sweat

But they also have a ‘me’ in them, the one I never acknowledged

Tonight, when the raindrops fall on those scars I don’t flinch with disgust

I feel and remember every story, every hurt.

I peacefully smile, for tonight my eyes and lips have the same story to tell.

We are finally in sync.

Like we are in love for the very first time

I have heard from others that in the end we all get what we deserve.

And I deserve to dance….

Even if the rain stops!

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