Love him always, Love him the most

Love his eyes, Love his soul

There is magic in his Love

For he makes me so much more than I thought I could be

Love his love for wanting me to be, Me

Love his breath on my neck

Love his eyes looking into my soul

Love his hands to hold me tight and never let go

Love his hugs to keep me warm

Love his kisses that make everything go upside down

Love his love for me to be, Me

Love his jokes to make me laugh

Love his wisdom that keeps me calm

Love his patience, waiting for me to grow

Love his lies to keep me safe

Love his praises for they keep me blushing

Love his love for me to be, Me

Love his heart for he is honest

Love him forever, for my heart is his forever

Love him more for each moment is precious

Love him for he deserves the best

Love now for him is pure respect.

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