“The Wall”

Are you ready?

I have a story to tell, so pay attention!

There was once a girl named…

Go ahead, you pick a name

For the Girl wants to be remembered as someone else.

She grew up happy, well mostly happy

In a house with formidable walls

Tall ones for she was taught to ‘be safe’.

The girl was a dreamer, a resilient one

She lived in her own world of imagination

Her world had tall trees, chirpy yellow birds and long roads

She was free to be herself in that world

It enriched her soul yet she yearned to know what was beyond the wall

There was once a girl named…

She grew up to be polite and obedient

For that is how you lived behind the wall

The wall that kept her safe.

And then one day she was allowed a peek outside

Just enough to see, but not experience.

She now realized ‘being naive’ was no compliment.

Life kept moving fast scarring her forever

No one understood for what the girl wanted

Her pleads were irrelevant then

So why now everyone wants to read between the lines?

There are secrets stored inside her

For she seeks a chance to apologize

The wall that once kept her safe

No longer does the job.

She knows it needs to come down & so it will

There will be consequences, she is sure

The excitement to see beyond makes her smile now

The fear lingers as well

For there were a few who tried to break down the wall

But gave up, for they were taught to be safe too

So let her do it now.

For there might not be a tomorrow.

And then it happened,

The wall came down brick by brick making a loud noise

For it had stood proud for too long

The girl smiles looking at the grey clouds

Thunderstorms like never heard before

Wild icy winds piercing into the eyes

And tranquility…..

Holding onto little hands following her

The girl walks beyond the wall.

Are you still listening ?

For there is more to her story.

The girl has only just begun…….

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