Seher slammed open the door to the dark and muggy storeroom. Her hand exploring the chipped paint on the walls looking for the light switch. The sudden glare of the light bulb hanging in the middle of the room made her squint a little. She hated the dusty and gloomy storeroom. But today she abhorred it even more. Mom and dad were going on a vacation without her. She was angry and heartbroken. Angry of course at her parents and heartbroken because Aakash was dating Mehak. She stood under the light bulb now staring into the light almost growling like an animal. Seher had different ways of venting out.

She took a spin around the storeroom staring furiously at the never to be used junk placed neatly along the walls leaving enough space in the middle of the room. Enough space for her to try some of her moves. Seher jumped, screamed and growled like she was some kind of an animal, not a social animal clearly. And for a minute she forgot why she came to this dingy room at all and started to enjoy herself jumping from a table that was kept on two chairs. To kicking the big pile of quilts and blankets, therefore, adding to the dust clouds in the room. And the she heard it. Her mom yelling from the ground floor asking for the very eagerly awaited and extremely important suitcase. She yelled back claiming she was still looking for it. Now she laid down on that pile of blankets thinking of Aakash. And for those few minutes, she forgot all about the suitcase and her anger. For Aakash was handsome, polite and a math genius. He was just perfect, but then why was he with that annoying Mehak and not her. She covered her face with the palms of her hands trying not to scream too loud. She did not want to be reminded yet again of the suitcase by her mom. And then she felt it. The warm and gentle touch of her grand-mom on her head. Her hands softly stroking her hair and singing the song she always sang for Seher, every time she cried or felt sad. Seher felt calm and cozy enjoying the love she had missed for so long. Almost 5 years now. And then she opened her eyes in sudden realization.

There was no one sitting next to her head gently stroking her hair or singing to her. How could there be anyone, since she was alone in this dingy room? How could she have felt the touch of her grand-mom, who was dead and gone for over 5 years now? She immediately got up. And picked up the big suitcase and a smaller suitcase and ran downstairs to fight with mom and dad. They were not going to leave her alone at home again. Not this time.

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