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  • ‘Mommy & Coffee sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G”

    My daughters think I am truly in love with coffee. And that coffee is my one true love. So today, I decided to prove my love for coffee by breaking my nightly routine of drinking chamomile tea and instead have a big cup of coffee. Which made me think of a few reminders I have […]

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  • “Inner voice high on Coffee”

    We are friends these days. Me and my inner voice. It is a shocking change from the voice I have been hearing or more precisely listening to the past 3 decades. Let me start with the very onset of this good & evil inner voice dilemma. So, like many 80s children, I too grew up […]

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  • “Inspire a thought”

    Tonight there is no moon, Only grey clouds, bringing in the storm Nothing we haven’t seen before I snuggle in your arms Taking you all in For this too shall pass. Writing is my escape, my freedom, my passion. I am not a trained writer. I don’t have an education in writing, which I am […]

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  • “In need of coffee”

    Writer’s block & I have a twisted relationship. Somedays I take her as a challenge I am ready for. Other days I want to hide behind a book, pretending to accomplish some unimportant reading challenge. Honestly, I read for fun and to calm my anxious mind.  I just love reading. And when I am reading […]

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  • “Crisis or Breakdown”

    Burning is misinterpreted as warmth Death as a lifecycle Disease is mother nature’s curse Because she is angry Don’t know why? Loss pushes us to innovate Tsunami could be avoided if sea life was more Millions of saplings were planted So what if billions were burnt down. But we are the ones suffering, caged in […]

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  • Read

    Studies show reading every day improves focus, memory, and communication skills. People who read regularly tend to empathize easily, understanding sensitive situations better. I don’t want to make it sound like people who don’t read are not good enough. It is just that readers have a comparatively stronger, sharper brain. Recently, people have started using […]

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  • “Random appreciation”

    In keeping up with the theme of this blog I have a random appreciation post for the TV series titled, “Succession”. It was my little brother’s idea. He suggested ‘succession’ to me and so I decided to give it shot. It is only 3 seasons in so wasn’t a big commitment. Like any kind of […]

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  • “Imagine”

    Studies show that humans have the ability to imagine because we have a highly developed brain, the cerebrum, with an especially large frontal lobe. This is the anatomical difference between humans and rest of nature. Therefore, it feels alright to disclose that I have used my brain mostly to create my own imaginary world. Where […]

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  • “What keeps me afloat!”

    I have been reading articles and blogs about anxiety and what helps people stay afloat when it gets difficult to live through a regular routine. And so I thought, today’s blog post will be about the things that help me handle my anxiety better. So here it goes. Writing is my savior. I have been […]

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  • “Bring me Flowers”

    I will be gone But I am available if you want I will be turned into ashes For I don’t long for any more space in this world So, let me go, but with a Smile. For I have lived and survived.   And no longer need your attention But do want some flowers…… You […]

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