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  • “Day 1”

    I don’t know how many times I have fallen down and picked myself up again. Starting the whole routine with writing affirmations, practicing yoga and eating healthy to name a few. It seems like along with life in general, I am constantly struggling with staying focused on the things that matter. More precisely things that […]

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  • “Little breaths!”

    “It feels like I went for a deep dive into the unknown. Desperately hopeful that I was doing the right thing, but then I never came back above the waves. It felt like I was holding onto that one breath and kept swimming. It was a survival instinct. Moreover, I don’t think I knew any […]

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  • “my voice”

    I just finished watching the docuseries titled ‘Harry and Meghan.’ And so, for today’s 15 min writing practice, I decided to write about the same. Firstly, the series is quite well-made. It isn’t something that is overdone at all. In fact, I wish they had spoken more in-depth about Harry’s life growing up in ‘the […]

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  • “Honestly, speaking/ writing!

    So, I am not a trained writer. Which is quite apparent from my vocabulary and style of writing. Yes, I call it my style of writing because it is the authentic me. I pick stories from my own experiences and poems about topics I would rather talk about but don’t have the people or the […]

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  • “Chores”

    I have habit of daydreaming while doing chores, especially the never ending ones. Sometimes it feels like I am running on a loop with no sign of improvement. So today I chose to swap daydreaming to writing. I left the sink full of dishes to write this one, which of course I came back to […]

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  • “Today”

    Today it hurts a little more Today it feels a little less Today I accepted what I am not Today I fought for who I am Today I pleaded for one more chance Today I gave up without a last glance Today my smile was real Today my smile veiled my fears Today I danced […]

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  • “Pretend I was there!”

    This one is dedicated to the four people who should be able to identify themselves in this poem. The ones I owe my everything. I haven’t been there for them in a long time, but I hope they know they mean the world to me. And that I am always missing and thinking of them. […]

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