Stories I want to tell

“Abandoned Rug”

“I feel like an unwanted rug left under a tree for years. Like I have no purpose or relevance in this world. Just a disgusting old rug tossed aside.” “How can you feel like a rug? And why have you been tossed aside?” “That is a question for the one who once wanted me so…


This is the story of a young man. A grown man. Today is nothing new but just another day of the week. The alarm will buzz the young man out of deep sleep. But it will be the thunderstorms that will finally throw him out of the comfortable bed. The rain is in no mood…


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About Me

Well, if you have come to this page, that means my writing spoke to you and I’m glad it did. Thank You!

Here’s a little something about me. I’m Sonal. A stay-at-home Mom with a love for writing. For me, writing is therapy. It gives me the freedom to create my own little imaginary worlds to experience. Through this blog, I want to share those random short stories and poems my imagination weaves. Additionally, I like writing about the books I love. Being an avid reader gives me enough opportunities to write. Hope you find them entertaining enough to read. I post every Monday and Friday, so Happy Reading!

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