I write to soothe my soul. My writings are inspired closely from my own life. There is always something that inspires a story, a poem, a thought. And I want to write it all down. I am a passionate writer and love researching on different topics. A lost of times I find my stories in one of those random researches. Reading is my other most favorite thing. It works like meditation for me. Life has been unfair, tough, giving and loving but reading calms down every ache in the same way writing does. And I believe every story finds a reader and I hope my writings too find their readers.

Quotes that inspire me

There are scars I hide. Even the ones you can’t see. For they are the ones that burn the most.

Sonal Vij

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

Gloria Steinmen

Repeat or Evolve? Make a choice.

Happy Reading!

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