Today’s writing prompt was the word, “gift”. And since my older one put me to shame by coming up with a poem on the same in less than 10 mins, I decided to give it a try as well. What does the word, ‘gift’ mean to you? What form can it be? What is more exciting, a surprise gift or the one picked from the list you handed out? Who are your gifts? Do they bring out the best of you? Or do they just bring you back to life? As I move closer to bigger digits I feel only gratitude for all the gifts I wanted and received. And OK with the ones I never wanted.


Your words soothed the wrinkles

Life had gifted me.

Your hugs warmed my cold and hardened insides.

Your voice reminded me there was hope.

Your laugh freed me to be silly a little bit more.

Your trust strengthened my self-esteem.

Your love was always more to me.

More than I ever believed.   


Precious gifts, I call you 3.

Reasons I want to be, me.

Life will happen, my darlings!

Accept it as a gift

Unwrap every hurdle

But accept nothing less

For wisdom is hard to achieve.

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