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  • “Theme”

    There is a theme to my life, I can’t decide what it is, but I am sure there is one. There always is if you really try to look deeply, I think. But under this umbrella theme I hide many genres So instead of incidences, I call them genres that I have experienced. Till now, […]

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  • “The Violin”

    “I’m too old to start all over again.” Ma snapped at me. Her big almond-shaped eyes could easily scare anyone, and I was only her youngest one. Ma went back to wiping the kitchen counter showing me her back. I knew she was annoyed at me for pestering her, but I had a feeling she […]

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  • To whomsoever it may concern

    I have risen from scraps, no not ashes. I will not give myself that high a level of accomplishment There is worse happened to others I know. So, scraps it is. A variety of shapes and sizes. Some are crumpled and thrown aside, They are wrinkled with faded colors, But each one has come from […]

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  • “Loss”

    The long walk to the café never felt long especially today because it was about to rain. It was my favorite weather. Grey skies with a soft breeze, sending a message that thunderstorms were on the way. And like the last week, even today they will be roaring with anger at humankind. I entered through […]

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