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  • Avoid or Accept

    There is peace in acceptance, I now understand. But what about the unwavering dedication that pushes me towards the dreams that are almost impossible to achieve? Yet I make lists and lists of how I can fulfil them one day. I hope books will have an answer hidden in the stories waiting to be read […]

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  • “Bring me Flowers”

    Originally posted on Black Coffee and Grey Stories:
    I will be gone But I am available if you want I will be turned into ashes For I don’t long for any more space in this world So, let me go, but with a Smile. For I have lived and survived. ? And no longer need…

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  • “Empty Vase”

    An empty vase lives on my kitchen table Tall, reflective, curving into a blossomed flower Sits by itself collecting dust and fruit flies It won’t bite on touch I know that But my eyes burn looking at it So we keep our distance Reminiscing dead moments of pure joy One day it was flaunting tulips […]

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  • “Inside out”

    “We will not make it.” “I know we can. Focus on moving forward. Don’t look down. Like you always have on so many humans. We cannot go back either. We are literally stuck in the middle.” “Stop lecturing me. I am shitting my pants, I swear. I just peed a little. This was the last […]

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  • Ghost – Writer

    I have lived here longer than anyone of you. You all know nothing about this house. It gets colder even before the sun sets on early fall evenings. The Winters are long and dry. I know it all too well, because my lips are always chapped and my skin is scarily dry. I look pale […]

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  • “nOt Perfect”

    Brushed teeth , trimmed nails, clean hair I look fine, just not bright. Clean clothes, stained thoughts, sturdy shoes I run faster to catch up, just not enthusiastic enough. Books in hand, sharpened pencil, storm of words I write down every thought, grammar aside. Delightfully tall, big almond-shaped eyes, I see it all Ignoring myself, […]

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  • “Long Drives”

    Let today be! Let it swing by slowly Swaying to the mood of the dancing leaves My eyes wandering for you Yearning the touch for a lifetime isn’t enough Will you be mine again and then again? You smile sipping the morning coffee And my lips sing yet another memory of us When all was […]

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  • “I wait…”

    I wait… To hear you call me ‘putri’ one more time To laugh at your dad jokes To cook up memories in the warmth of your presence To dance together drunk on togetherness To let go off the anger that still weighs me down To forgive all those who hurt you To fight the world […]

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