Category: Short Story

  • “A Moonlit Affair”

    Comedy and horror is an interesting genre to write. My small attempt at it. Happy Reading!

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    All of them together! Lord, there goes my whole days’ worth of entertainment in one hour. I wish I could tell them to just spread out their visits. I mean how difficult is it to plan a day. But then again, I could wish for a different life. One without this dreadful car accident. It…

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  • “one Thursday morning”

    Knock Knock! Meera tiredly brought herself to stand up and walk towards the intrusive door. But before that, she stopped to check through the peephole to assure herself that this could not be ignored any longer. A woman. What does she want? Tidying the oversized shirt, she loved to wear belonged to her husband. For…

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  • “The day I smiled…”

    “Just keep breathing. It is all fine. You are alive. And that is all that matters.” Standing in the almost empty parking lot I was repeating the same old words to my sweaty and tired self. The last meeting of the day had been a disaster. My reports were obsolete, and presentation had grammatical mistakes.…

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  • “Repercussions”

    Sweating all over her bedsheet, Priya woke up anxious and out of breath. It had been like this almost every night now for past 3 months. Even her doctor could not diagnose the problem. After a series of tests followed by a thorough Ultrasound, still, nothing turned out. Finally, her doctor referred her to a…

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  • “The Abandoned Life”

    My name is Kavita. I am are 36 years old. I am an artist. I live alone surrounded by nature, completely off-grid. And today is another day. I am alive. I open my eyes, happy to see the sun not yet completely risen. I won the race.   The morning air smells different each day,…

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  • “1416/ 1614”

    Dried crack soil burning her feet. The girl did not know how she got there, but she was there. Somewhere on planet earth. Her eyes caught the shadow of a tree nearby. She was breathing fast but breathing, so it was definitely Earth. But where on earth? And What year? The girl got up looking…

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  • “Undone”

    It is strange how we remember the past. At times it is clear as river flowing through the same rocky paths. Then other times you only remember the feeling. The emotions you felt in that moment. It is astonishing how our mind works. Curse or a blessing? It is different each time. I believe it…

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  • “Good Morning”

    I usually wake up around 5 am. My body clock is set that way. And I am also very disciplined about following a routine. The other very obvious reason is my aging bladder. Well, what did I think was going to happen to me after 3 big kids? They were all such huge babies and…

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  • “Hands”

    The warm afternoon cozied up the room. We sat together waiting for the therapist to start the session. Sunny boy was in the mood for a hide and seek. Cloudy now sunny in a moment. I could not stop smiling looking out the big glass windows. From the corner of my eye, I could see…

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