Category: Short Story

  • “Dear Diary”

    Dear Diary, Today has been a fight. A tough one. A day I haven’t had in almost a week. Therapy is helping, I guess. But today, I had it. I just want to get in my bed and sleep. I wish I do not wake up tomorrow. Like maybe there is no tomorrow. Tonight, is…

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  • “Karma”

    After the long tiring day, all I wanted was to sleep in my cozy bed, but the rain was too loud. Piercing into my ears. With thunder intruding between me and the steady falling of water from the gray clouds. I have always loved rainfall. We were meant to be friends. For as long as…

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  • “The dancing plastic bag”

    The wind blew away the papers from my hands. My grip was not tight enough. I stood still watching them fly to the rhythm of the wind gushing and blowing them far. They are important documents but not worth missing this moment for. If you are anywhere close to my age, then you might understand…

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  • “White Roses”

    “They are all here. Why are you still in those clothes?” Smita’s disapproving eyes stared at Avni from head to toe preparing for a nastier comment. “You look worse than a homeless person. Do you really dress like that every day?” “It is a mystery how your marriage has survived 25 years.” The one-sided conversation…

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  • The Brown Box

    “I hate putting on my glasses in the morning. It feels like I am being forced to see clearly even when I am not ready. Sometimes, you just need to look at your surroundings with a lack of perfect eyesight. It is prettier this way. My little world of fuzzy pops of color. A blurry…

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  • “The Nest”

    “This does not feel right. It is like she never left.” “None of you will ever understand what I am feeling, and believe it or not, I don’t want you to, EVER.” My voice was coarse after crying for days. My tired swollen eyes turned my angry thoughts to look outside. At the bright day…

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  • “The Staircase”

    I love writing stories based on writing prompts on Reedsy. And so this one is themed “eavesdropping”. A fun and light short story, my 100th post. Today I truly feel proud of myself. This is one thing I do all for myself. Writing has improved my mental health and the way I think of myself.…

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  • “A Moonlit Affair”

    Comedy and horror is an interesting genre to write. My small attempt at it. Happy Reading!

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  • ;

    All of them together! Lord, there goes my whole days’ worth of entertainment in one hour. I wish I could tell them to just spread out their visits. I mean how difficult is it to plan a day. But then again, I could wish for a different life. One without this dreadful car accident. It…

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  • “one Thursday morning”

    Knock Knock! Meera tiredly brought herself to stand up and walk towards the intrusive door. But before that, she stopped to check through the peephole to assure herself that this could not be ignored any longer. A woman. What does she want? Tidying the oversized shirt, she loved to wear belonged to her husband. For…

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