Category: Short Story

  • “Abandoned Rug”

    “I feel like an unwanted rug left under a tree for years. Like I have no purpose or relevance in this world. Just a disgusting old rug tossed aside.” “How can you feel like a rug? And why have you been tossed aside?” “That is a question for the one who once wanted me so […]

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  • “Ghostwriter”

    This is the story of a young man. A grown man. Today is nothing new but just another day of the week. The alarm will buzz the young man out of deep sleep. But it will be the thunderstorms that will finally throw him out of the comfortable bed. The rain is in no mood […]

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  • “Little breaths!”

    “It feels like I went for a deep dive into the unknown. Desperately hopeful that I was doing the right thing, but then I never came back above the waves. It felt like I was holding onto that one breath and kept swimming. It was a survival instinct. Moreover, I don’t think I knew any […]

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  • “A quickie!”

    “There isn’t anything left here for us to pack. I am certain the landlord took it all.” The girl threw the torn blanket that belonged to Maria on the blue sneakers that belonged to Tara. “I am shocked at this behavior. I wonder how many renters he had fooled like this?” The boy searched for […]

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  • “Aaha!”

    “Sir, the body was first noticed by the assistant. She has a key to the house. She entered from the main door and walked to the study calling out for the old lady until she found her in the office.” The young detective smiles at his precise and clear narration of the morning events. “Has […]

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  • “Big news!”

    “Hi. So, I have something to tell you.” Sarah stood at the door with sad eyes, hoping for a hug that never came her way. Simply because Naina was standing too far away in the small apartment. “Wow! you sound serious. Is everything all right? Is it your mom? Is it your boss? Did he […]

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  • “Diary of a writer”

    September 10, 2022 Sweetness of the morning fills my lungs. I wake up believing it will be a normal day. Like any other, where I sing my presence into the rooms left vacant by your goodbyes. Where the aroma of coffee with a hint of cream, brings me pure pleasure. I tiptoe to the door […]

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  • “Steak, Well Done”

    ‘How long has it been? I cannot feel my fingers. My eyes open to the misty room. There is light, I am certain, yet I cannot see anything clearly. The room is too dark for me to find where I am. Wait, where are my glasses? And my hands? Aaaahhh! My hands are stuck somewhere. […]

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  • “Caged”

    The whistle shrieks louder in the early morning hours. When all is quiet but nothing is still. I walk to the coffee station looking for the mug I use every day. The one I have been carrying with me since I left home for college. I am 29 years old right now, so yes, it […]

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  • “Coffee and us”

    Kaavya inhaled the stench with a smile. She had quit over a decade ago but standing under the starry night-sky after a long drive, all she wanted was a cigarette, a kiss, and cup of a black coffee. Not exactly in the exact order. Decades of life apart had not been kind to either of […]

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