Category: Poem

  • “Diary of a writer”

    September 10, 2022 Sweetness of the morning fills my lungs. I wake up believing it will be a normal day. Like any other, where I sing my presence into the rooms left vacant by your goodbyes. Where the aroma of coffee with a hint of cream, brings me pure pleasure. I tiptoe to the door […]

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  • “No more”

    Pride interests me no more I reexamined my ego Into Self-Respect Hope, stagnates me no more I morphed my desires Into actions. Love drowns me no more I accepted its existence Entwined into my own. Pain holds me back no more I accepted the scars As a part of my growth. Waiting scares me no […]

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  • “Steak, Well Done”

    ‘How long has it been? I cannot feel my fingers. My eyes open to the misty room. There is light, I am certain, yet I cannot see anything clearly. The room is too dark for me to find where I am. Wait, where are my glasses? And my hands? Aaaahhh! My hands are stuck somewhere. […]

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