Category: My voice

  • “Sweet Dreams”

    Today is the day I know I will lose it again. I wake up with dried-up tears on the corners of my eyes. The fresh ones getting ready to slip out. It will be that kind of day. I blame it on the dream I had. I have been having this dream since I was […]

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  • “Bellini”

    I had agreed to accompany mom to her friend’s 40th Anniversary celebration. It wasn’t a big deal honestly since I had no plans for the weekend. With the extremely well organized and huge area, parking was easy to find. The mesmeric sound of really old Bollywood songs along with the pleasant breeze of the early […]

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  • “18000 steps”

    The early morning sky with sun rising from behind the tall trees and sound of birds chirping, was always a view to die for. And today was no different. It was the perfect start to an awesome day, Seher thought to herself. She was now only short of 300 steps to complete the target of […]

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  • Sweatshirt

    It was the sound of something being dragged that woke her up. The garden looked like a winter wonderland from the window. It was her favorite part of the morning. Waking up to the beautiful view of the bedroom window. She moved her hand around on the bed looking for the sweatshirt and realized he […]

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